Aubrey and bristol divorce

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The two hosts behind the first of five HGTV Flip or Flop spinoffs have likely already made their way into your home decorating hearts as soon as people met them this past April. Bristol and Aubrey Marunde are currently hosting the new show, Flip or Flop: Las Vegasand they seem a lot like Christina and Tarek in a lot of ways.

They're a happy couple with children, and an eye for what makes homes werk. But where did they come from? And more importantly, what is Bristol and Aubrey Marunde's net is coding dojo online worth it just so we can rest assured that they know how to get the biggest bang for their house flipping buck, of course?

The two have already made their mark on the Las Vegas real estate scene. According to RealityStarsNetWorth. But that's not a huge money maker all the time. The majority of the couple's income likely stems from Aubrey's passion for flipping homeswhich she was doing way before HGTV ever got wind of her skills. Bristol, too, got out of the fighting business in and joined his wife in flipping around homes in the Vegas area.

Impressive, right? For viewers, the new hosts are an obvious fit on the cable network. The two don't seem so different from Christina and Tarek El Moussa, actually. Both couples have kids and split some of their home renovating duties along gender lines, with Aubrey taking over interiors and her husband working out the nuts and bolts of construction.

But they've been trying to put a different spin on their version of the original Flip or Flop, according to People. Nothing goes unturned. So far, they seem to be reaching their goals. Christina and Tarek, the original home flippers, filed for divorce in January and their involvement in the franchise might be over for good going forward.

They're filming a short seventh season and it's possible that they will move on from the show. But Aubrey and Bristol seem ready to take on the house flipping duties, albeit in a different state. And they get it. Now, at the end of their season, the couple seems to be doing a great job taking over the flipping game on HGTV and becoming fan favorites. Their net worth will likely be going up very, very soon.By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

The former mixed martial arts fighter first got to meet his sweetheart when Aubrey attended his fight in Not long after that, the two went out for a coffee date and soon fell in love with one another.

After that, the couple became lovers and remained in a dating relationship for many years, and finally, after six years, they decided to tie the knot. The celebrity couple exchanged wedding vows in the presence of their family and friends on May 23, The wedding took place in the couple's home in Las Vegas.

Since then, Marunde and his spouse share an unbreakable marital bond. Bristol and Marunde also share two children from their relationship. The pair welcomed their first son Kale Marunde in His partner gave birth to yet another son Kane Marunde in The " Flip or Flop Vegas" co-host star is relishing his life with his family performing a husband's role and, at the same time, proudly and diligently taking a father's role.

Bristol Marunde Biography

Likewise, he often shares pictures with his wife and kids on social media. Together they work in renovating and fixing houses in Las Vegas. Till now, " Flip or Flop Vegas " has aired three seasons. Bristol and Aubrey are also owners of a multi-million dollar house in Henderson's Anthem community in Las Vegas. The house has many fascinating things such as a fireplace, elevated dining room, swimming pool, a backyard playground, a foot wall, a border of cypress trees, and many other things.

Make sure to visit Married Wiki for more celebrity Biography and News!!! Bristol Marunde is in matrimony with his beautiful wife, Aubrey Marunde. His wife is a real estate agent, entrepreneur, and host of "Flip or Flop Vegas.

Home Biography Bristol Marunde. Bristol Marunde with his wife Aubrey Marunde and their two kids. Bristol Marunde Married.

Bristol Marunde Children. Related biography.Besides her distinguishing work as real estate broker, renovator, designer, she is an excellent house modeler who sold out most, if not all houses she refurbished within the Las Vegas City.

Her excellent works have won her so much admiration from her teeming fans. Her father was a building general contractor while nothing much is known about her mother. The young Aubrey Marunde Nee Buck would always tag along with her daddy while visiting his construction sites. From there, she gradually began to learn the roots and rudiments of building from her loving father.

While the passion for making beautiful homes took root in her young heart, Aubrey eventually decided to mine her trade from the profession. Aubrey Marunde after her high school education moved to Las Vegas to further her education. She enrolled at the University of Nevada, where she studied Marketing.

Whilst in college, she was an avid cheerleader and gymnast. InAubrey earned her license as a real estate designer and from then on, she has swang into action modeling, designing and rebuilding dilapidated houses within the metropolis of Las Vegas and turning them to a beautiful haven and homes with glam. The show has spanned over three seasons amassing sizable followership and fan base.

Their outstanding and unique Vegas Glam style blended with spacious glamorous designs has made them one of the top High Stake selling realtors in Sin City aka Las Vegas, the city that does not sleep.

Along with her husband, they jointly own a construction firm called Alter Luxury Real estate firm that caters to the needs of their high profile clients. With many years as a Realtor under her belt, Aubrey Marunde has no doubt amassed a huge amount of wealth as well as fame.

Her net worth is said to be running in millions. A wealth they accrued from their house flipping, sales, TV shows, and other endeavors. The blonde house maker and designer, Aubrey Marunde wedded Bristol Marunde, a Fairbanks, Alaska born mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighter in He was born on the 20th April and has won not less than sixteen fights out of about twenty-six professional UFC fights. After a broken jaw, he decided it was time to have a change of profession.

As a result of this, he joined his wife fully as a co-host of the HGTV Flip and Flop show where they are currently making waves with their creativity and designs.

The lovely couple first met at Las Vegas in and after their first date, they knew they were meant for each other. Hence, they decided to join the rollercoaster of lifelong commitment in Together, they share two children — sons whose names are Kale and Kane Marunde.She came into the limelight after she got married to Bristol in The trailblazing businesswoman relocated to Los Angeles, Nevada, the USA for her career after graduating from her high school in her hometown.

Her father worked as a general contractor which inspired her to become a real estate agent. She is an American by nationality and White by ethnicity.

aubrey and bristol divorce

She studied marketing at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas with a cheerleading scholarship. She took part in gymnastics and cheerleading when she was at the University.

Aubrey Marunde got her real estate license in and she officially started her career in real estate. She purchased her first house when she was just 20 years old, this was the time when she decided the career path would be perfect for her. InMarunde partnered with her husband to flip houses and have renovated more than houses together in Las Vegas. Besides, Marunde is also a reality star. Her career on TV started in when she appeared on High Stakes Flippers a show which features the flipping of the houses.

Flip or Flop Vegas

After this, she was cast in Flip or Flop Vegas in Then she appeared on the daytime talk show Harry in and the same year, she also made an appearance in Brother vs.

Aubrey Marunde is a successful businesswoman and TV personality whose main source of income is her career as a house flipper. Aubrey Marunde is a married woman. The couple met in at a fight night in the UFC. Their love story is a sweet one as they fell in love on their first date.

After dating for a while and knowing each other, they got engaged, however, their engagement date is still a mystery. The marriage blessed them with two kids, both sons Kale, 8, and Kane, 5.

They named their sons Kale Marund and Kyle Marunde. First Day of School! Apart from this, she prefers not to disclose the details regarding her past relationships to the media. In a similar fashion, she also keeps her life radar the radar. Home Biography Aubrey Marunde. View this post on Instagram. Featured Biography. Scarlett Byrne - 11 Mar, Biography by Arsad. Mikey Foster - 05 Mar, Biography by Shally. Fisher Stevens 04 Mar, Biography by Arsad.

Trending Biography Simone Ashley. Raegan Brogdon. Greg Austin. Richard T. Jones .Aubrey is a professional real estate agent, designer as well as a television host. Below is all you need to know about this wonderful couple. Bristol and Aubrey Marunde got married on 24 th May The two came to know each other through a friend, John Guns. Consequently, they went for a coffee date. It was then that the two fell in love with each other.

They dated for about six years before finally walking down the aisle. The couple has now been in married life for four years. Bristol and Aubrey Marunde have two kids so far. The eldest son is called Kale Marunde who is currently six years old. The second born is called Kane Marunde, and he is three years old. Bristol Marunde with his wife Aubrey Marunde and with their kids. Both Kale and Kane usually accompany their parents to construction sites.

They seem to have the same passion as their parents. Their interest in real estate, construction, and creative work are evident. He was asked to pick a suitable color for a light blue accent wall. He was then provided with a massive paint swatch book.

aubrey and bristol divorce

Amazingly, Kale was able to point out the exact color that Aubrey had picked. Bristol and Aubrey spend most of their time with their kids. They enjoy visiting new places. They are always at the swimming pool or at least playing trampoline at their house. Morealso, the happily married couple also has a mini zoo in their home. They keep pet animals such as dogs, turtles, chicken, fish, and parakeets. Bristol and Aubrey use their pets in their zoo to teach their children responsibility.

The couple is also quite active in social media. Often, they post their beautiful photos and quotes. His official debut on UFC was in April Team Nelson. He competed with George Lockhart and won in the first round. After two grueling rounds, he won the fight.

aubrey and bristol divorce

This happened on April 6,whereby he competed with Ian Williams. Luckily, he won via submission in the first round. Ten years down the line, he was forced to drop his UFC career due to a broken jaw.The show, a spin-off of the original Flip or Flop with Tarek and Christinashowcases home flipping power couple Bristol and Aubrey Marunde as they turn run-down Nevada homes into show-stopping properties.

Bristol Marunde talks MMA career, HGTV show

When Flip or Flop Vegas premiered inAubrey had already been working in real estate for 10 years, according to a profile in her hometown newspaper the Daily Item. She moved from Milton, Pennsylvania to Las Vegas to attend UNLV on a cheerleading scholarship inand eventually got involved in the real estate business.

She was already teaching gymnastics at age 14 and at 19 owned her own cheerleading gym. And because her family is in the construction her dad is a general contractorshe got a hands-on education in the ins-and-outs of working on homes.

He competed professionally for 10 years. After meeting at a UFC fight, it only took one date for the two to know they were meant for each other. My turn to interview bristolmarunde …. Today, they own Alter Luxury, a real estate brokerage and design-build firm. Eventually, HGTV came calling. You have to be really careful about which property you select and what you put into it — and how fast you get it on and off your books. Megan Elliott More Articles February 02, How they got their HGTV show.

View this post on Instagram.If you're a fan of HGTV, get ready to be excited. Well now you'll have double the stunning home transformations to drool over, as HGTV has recently begun airing episodes of their new, highly-rated spin off, Flip or Flop Vegas. The new show stars married couple, Bristol and Aubrey Marunde who, similarly to Tarek and Christina before their highly publicized splitcombine business and family on the daily by buying, renovating, and selling houses together in Sin City.

But as People noted in an April interview with the new stars, "they're not just Christina and Tarek 2. History doesn't always repeat itself! When asked if they were worried the newfound fame from the show could cause a similar highly publicized rift in the Marunde household, Bristol answered, "Aubrey and I are solid We've been business partners for a long time We communicate well.

Like anything in life, marriage is difficult — whether you're doing a show or not. It absolutely comes with this whole experience. We're ready for it. It says right in the intro credits that Bristol splits his time between contracting and MMA fighting — that's mixed martial arts arena fighting in an octagon cage, if you didn't know.

Aubrey Marunde – Bio, Net Worth, Facts About Bristol Marunde’s Spouse

So you can bet the dude is tough hello demo day! But did you know it was his involvement and desire to make it in the MMA that brought him to Vegas? It was while Bristol was looking for his new home that he first met Aubrey. According to a recent profile in the New York Post, "The Marundes met inwhen Bristol was talking to Aubrey [a real estate agent] about purchasing his first home, which they ended up flipping together.

Bristol told Aubrey the real estate queen he was looking to buy a house in Vegas, and the rest is history. Flip or Despite the challenges and risks inherent in flipping residential properties in a malleable housing market, apparently the dynamic duo of Aubrey and Bristol have never experienced a flop. That doesn't mean they haven't made less money than they planned to or wanted on a house project.

Their second son is named Kyle, though there's no word on whether or not they intend to continue the "K" theme ala the Kardashian-Jenners on any future kiddos. The article explains that the two young boys love helping mom and dad in every step of the flipping process.


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