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The Cleric is one of the tankiest classes in all of Dragon Nest. If you've been reading the general class guide you know a few things about them already, but here's a repeat if you missed it. Clerics are heavily armored, with high HP and defenses. Their damage is medium, serving as crowd control and mob distraction more than pure damage. They have an array of support skills, including healing and buffing abilities.

These abilities will be talked about in more detail later on in this guide. They can use maces, flails, or wands, with the wands having a special magic-based attack.

Their offhand weapon is a shield, which increases their defense as well as offense. At level 15 they can upgrade into a Priest, a Paladin, or a Monk, with the Monk class not yet being released. Priests can further specialize as either an Inquisitor or a Saint, and Paladins can specialize as a Crusader or a Guardian.

The Cleric is the base class you have from level 1 to 15, and you keep the skills when you advance, with another whole skill page being added for your second job. It's up to you to decide how to split your SP among first and second job skills. Bear in mind that you get a free SP reset when you advance at level 15, so before then it doesn't matter. With that said, how about a rundown of the Cleric skills?

Oh, and if you want to jump right into making a build, go ahead and use this DNArmory skill planner.


It's by the folks that made Wowhead, so you know it's decent. General tips for building a pre Cleric:.

dragon nest m skill build

Shield Blow is unlocked at character creation and costs 3 SP to level up. It's essentially a shield bash, smashing enemies and knocking them out of their actions. You'll use it a lot early on to stun mobs for more hits, but later on it's usefulness falls by the wayside. You need level 2 for Block. Struck by Lightning is unlocked at character creation and costs 3 SP to level up. It's a body-check followed by a lightning-summoning pelvic thrust. It can also cause electrocution, which is a DoT with action-interrupting capabilities.Login or Sign Up.

Search in titles only. Forums NA Forums us. Guide for aspiring Physicians. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 Next. Guide for aspiring PhysiciansPM. Revamped Physician Guide and Tips Konnichiwa! Quick Introduction I'm playing Physician since 50 cap and gained a lot of experience from it and I just wanted to share my knowledge about it. They are one of the best support class in the game. I think next to Saint Physician can also be the main support like the Saint if handled very good.

So I'm here to share some tips to the aspiring Physicians out there. Our role is still the same which is a support and a mini-dps class. A lot of skills have changed in the revamp, so we must adjust a little.

So I would like to share to you guys my ideas and thoughts about these changes, and how are we going to deal with it. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas as well. Some Questions Q1: Why Physician? A: Because it's a Loli!!!

A: For me it is good too if you are not that into DPS type of player. A: Sad to say but it isn't quite good. But if you are really a geared type of player, you can still feel its damage.Dragon Nest M has made its leap overseas.

It's time to take up arms and enter the battle in this mobile action RPG! The game has six classes to choose from, each boasting a unique gameplay style as well as fun and flashy skills. Which begs the question:. That depends entirely on your playstyle. Do you want to dominate the arena, or run through everything solo? Do you like to hit hard from a distance, or dish out melee attacks in rapid succession?

In this guide, we examine all six available classes and share which classes are the best - you'll surely find one that fits! Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, different specialization options, and vastly different playstyles. You can have one character for each class, and the data gets saved so you can even switch back and forth if you so desireso it's worth checking each class out until you find the best one for you. The warrior is a balanced sword fighter with good defense and offense with both single and multi-enemy attacks.

This is the best class for beginners for its ease of use as well as high defense and attack. This cutie packs a punch. Her regular attack takes the form of swift magic orbs that shoot out of her oversized cannon. She is best used from afar, and has the power to push enemies away if they get too close for comfort. The cleric is the paladin of this game, acting as a good shield and healer. Clerics have weak attacks but they can withstand a good amount of damage and excel as a support class.

As the name suggests, the archer uses a bow and arrow to unleash pain on enemies from a distance.

dragon nest m skill build

This class is a good middle ground between the tank and the glass cannon, excelling at super-quick movement and attacks and skillful evades. To play this one well, you'll need to find the optimal distance to hit from while not being hit in return. Go up close and personal with this class, which has strong offensive powers and great DPS but needs to be quick on his feet to evade incoming attacks.

The assassin is a versatile class, allowing users to either save up power for a strong burst attack, or attack with weaker, but much quicker, blows. As a side-note, the assassin also has the most intriguing description: "A gentle and kind teenager accidentally gets possessed by his future self.

Finally, we come to the one true glass cannon among the classes, which also makes her the most difficult class to master. Her attacks are great against a group but require a bit more maneuvering than the other classes, since many of her skills target areas, not enemies. This means you can't run-and-gun here, but rather will need to keep an eye on the enemy's movements and plan ahead.

Once you reach level 15 in the game, you get to choose a specialization. Further specialization paths are available at level 45, but for the purpose of this post, we'll focus on this first branch in your journey. Which specialization you choose will affect the types of skills you get access to and the play style. Before making a selection, you'll have a chance to try both out with all its skills unlocked so you'll know exactly what to expect. Sword Master: This specialization is the all-out sword-swinging offensive path.

It unleashes a ton of power with strong physical attacks as well as the ability to block and hit back hard. Alchemist: With the alchemist, you will unlock powerful magic attacks that rival that of the sorceress, though with an easier control less precise aiming required.

Engineer: Perfect for a more tactical fighting style, the Engineer puts up towers and throws mechanical ducks yes, really into battle. This class requires you to corner your enemies right where you want them for maximum damage output! Bow Master: As the class with the longest range, the Bow Master is great in group fights and as a rear support. However, this comes at a cost: Up close, the class is pretty squishy.

Her defense is still relatively low but she makes up for it with quick escapes. Being such a well-rounded class means it can do many things decently, but excel at nothing specific.Is my guide worth reading? See for yourself, here is my PvP ladder ranking as of 6th March What about PvE?

Whilst the focus of this guide is for PvP, I have included a PvE build as well as a lot of information on the skills. Many thanks to Mon for writing such a thorough guide! My build is similar but slightly more catered towards PvP. I will also provide a bit of PvP related info along with some helpful general strategies. If you want a balanced build, with some PvP ultilty but also good for PvE, then read on! My guide is formed purely from personal experience, observations and discussions with other players.

You may or may not agree with the things I write here but I hope that it gives you some extra insight towards the decisions you make when forming your own builds and strategies. Why Gearmaster? The playstyle is a mix of managing summons ducks, towers and Alfredo along with first person shooter elements like aiming, shooting, dodging and lobbing grenades!

If you are thinking about rolling Gearmaster or a Shooting Star, my list of pros and cons may help in your decision.


In my honest opinion, I think Gearmasters and Shooting Stars are very similar and almost identical in playstyle. Even if you decide to go with Shooting Star, you may still find a lot of info in this guide helpful.

Can dish out a lot of damage to both monsters and players while locking down opponents. He does his own thing while you do yours, or you can work together and wreak destruction on a poor soul. Put down towers and hide all game will get you some PvP wins. But playing like this is cheesy and no fun. Without the setup, Gearmasters and Shooting Stars can be very vulnerable. This can be mostly rectified with a good strategy and game plan, more on this later.Jul Posted by Onmyojiblog.

The build below is actually for lv 40 full hybrid Magic Swordmasters who want to learn the magic-based lv 40 skill. The build will also be changed when 2nd advancement is out due to some skill requirements in the 1st advancement tree.

However, a free skill reset item will most likely be given out so you may want to follow this build to experience more on the different skills a swordmaster has.

I will update this once the information is being released in Open Beta. As you can see, there are still 29 Skill Points remaining. Now you may be having confusions on how to use those points. No worries. I will be explaining many things regarding the skills and hopefully you can come up with your own build as well. The simulator is at the Resources Tab of this blog. Basically, you will be using Hemorrahage to debuff the mob first.

Eclipse and Circle Break are also used to debuff mobs as well. Subsequently, this is the typical attack order I normally use. After this, if all the magic skills have not finished their cooldown, you can then turn to physical skills to spam. Last but not least, do post a comment here to correct me if Im wrong somewhere. Having a good discussion helps improve the build as well. Bookmark the permalink. Hi, thanks for the guide, I like some help with the gears, should I craft Intellect Gears or a Mixed of both?

I assume you are going for the Magic build? If you are, Intellect Gears would be preferred compared to a mix of both. However, for weapons, Magic would be preferred over Intellect. As I am still not sure of the new equipment system, this is what I recommend based on my prior knowledge. Thank for the guide, but can i ask some newbie question, cuz im dunno wut to chose, glad or moonlord, cuz they booth look cool, but this guide is about hybrid β€” moonlord, so if i want to built a hybrid β€” gladiator, i can switch my ult skill to infinity edge and keep all other skill the same?

Of couse with 3x Slash at lvl 11 and take 3x Slash EX. You can reply if you have the time :p, im not in any rush, cuz the next cap is not open yet :p. Yes if you want a hybrid gladiator.

Just learn the infinity edge. But you may want to change the levels of the magic skills depending on your preferences. So…lets say I like AOE and high damage skills, isit recommended go for the skill build above?

You can read up a post which I wrote on Swordmaster Heraldry. You will get a feel of what to get. It depends whether you are going for Gladiator or MoonLord. Gladiator prioritizes more oh Physical skills, while MoonLord prioritizes more on Magic skills. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.Jul Posted by Onmyojiblog. Please note that this skill build may change drastically when the 2nd job advancement is being released.

This build is only dedicated to hybrid builds up to Lv I have used up all the available SPs as this is the build I will be following. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Advantages High skill spammability. Many good mob clearing skills Gives you a taste of playing both Ice and Fire Elemental Lords, to determine your choice of the 2nd job advancement. Disadvantages Low damage of skills, plus low debuffing effects. MP usage can be quite high.

dragon nest m skill build

I will update this once the information is being released in Open Beta. Glacial Spike β€” Low cooldown skill with low damage. Great skill for Ice Elemental Lords. Max this, or max Poison Missle. Some Elemental Lords added this for PvP. In my opinion, this is a little useless. Shock Wave β€” Skill with OK damage which helps to knock mobs away from you. A great skill to break defenses, like mobs with shields, or players casting skills which are easily interrupted.

A skill with good potential growth, may be worth adding high. I usually spam normal attacks when skills have not finished their cool down so I can continue my combo count. If you learn this skill, it may affect your combo count. Blink β€” Max it for lower cool down. So that you can avoid mob damage better.Please leave any opinions on changes toward skills. North American Translations added.


Patience is a virtue. Proofreaded and included skill simulators and trees with new notes! Also removed minor errors. I would leave it at 4, if all you need is the Acrobat Skill pre-requisites.

Dragon Nest M Best Class Guide for PvP and PvE

Have fun doing those fancy spin kicks and Chun Li styled energy blasts! Congratulations again! Or Wind Walker I know very little of this job, so will update accordingly. Looking forward to the next updates when the Lv50 Cap is released. Thanks for this guide. This build is outdated as I've updated this guide 3 times as of the first release. I'm pikachuxbboy btw Here's the link to the 3rd update. Guess you'll have some leftover SP.

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