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Smith shotguns were manufactured over a period of nearly seven decades by four companies. Much of the actual manufacturing chronology is lost. In general, the annual catalogs tell when certain features were added, but inspection of shotguns has revealed that certain features were added earlier or removed from the lineup later.

For example, there was not a clear end point for the pre shotguns. Many were made in and later. Likewise, Field, Ideal, and Specialty grade production started in and these grades are mixed with No. Smith shotguns were rarely finished in the order of their serial numbers. Therefore, a later serial number does not necessarily mean that it was finished at a later date.

One of the primary complications to L. Smith chronology is that serial number blocks were reused up to three times. The L. Smith Collectors Association is fortunate to have a copy of the production records which provide dates of manufacture, but many of the features and options are not listed in the ledgers.

Connecting the date of appearance or disappearance of a feature, such as the first type of ejectors or the Curtis forend release, to a date helps to complete the production chronology. We invite you to look at the categories and submissions. If you have a shotgun that you think is older than the "Earliest", newer than the "Latest", heavier than the "Heaviest", etc. The date of manufacture will be checked in the records if the record cannot be located, the shotgun cannot be included in the Chronologyand your entry will be posted if it beats the current entry.

Be creative and submit entries for new categories. Information about your shotguns may help to assemble information on the manufacturing chronology. When there is a new category "winner" the old is crossed out and the new is in bold.

When both the category and "winner" are new and the "winner" is in bold. A-1 12 gauge submitted by Joe Ray. A-3 12 gauge with Whitworth Steel barrels submitted by Tom Breeden. O submitted by James Deemer. David Williamson. Earliest No.Smith serial numbers, as they are related to year of manufacture, are confusing. During the period of tomany numbers are not sequential with blocks of overlapping numbers assigned to different types of shotguns, such as hammerless ejector guns.

Starting inserial numbers of all types, gauges, and grades are intermixed. Many other inconsistencies occur. Serial numbers for the L. Serial numbers for the period of through include Hunter and Fulton shotguns. You will need to know if the shotgun is pre or later gun because some of the early serial numbers were repeated in later years. In fact, some serial numbers were used five times between and You can determine if it is a pre or later by comparing information given under Grades of Shotguns on this website.

With a little time and perseverance, you should be able to determine the year of manufacture, but remember that all serial numbers are not in the records. Unfortunately, several blocks of serial numbers 46, — 49, 70, — 78, and 90, — 99, have been lost. The L. Smith Collectors Association. You may determine the year of manufacture in three ways. The alternative is to do a visual search of the table that follows. The data in the following table were adapted from Brophy Year of Manufacture.

Serial Number Range. S1 to 8, M56, to 59,Smith Typewriter Models: L. Smith 2L. Smith 5L. Smith 7L. Smith 8L. Smith Foundation WriterL. Smith Silent 8L. Smith Silent Super SpeedL. Smith Super SpeedL. Smith Super-Speed. If the serial number is shown as a range xxxx-xxxx it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year.

The L. Typewriter Company was founded in Syracuse, N. Smith and his brothers Hurlburt W. Smith No. Rose, who designed the Standard Folding 1 in The machine was patented inbut Frank Rose died in before he could see his design be manufactured. Manufacturing began in and in the manufacturing rights were purchased by Ben Conger and C. Smith Bros. Usually it means we have a copy of the document in question, but it might be in the form of a later edition list. However, for the purposes of validation we have been able to confirm the source.

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lc smith serial numbers

View Members Create An Account. To find out when your typewriter was made using the typewriters serial number, start by choosing the brand from the select box below. Smith Harry A. Smith Blick-Bar Harry A. Smith Emerson Harry A. Smith Harris Visible Harry A. Smith National Portable Harry A. Smith Rex Visible Harry A. Printed Book. Antique L. Vintage L. Vintage Antique L.

Rare L. Beeching, publ. Schrader 4 Ernst Martin, Die Schreibmaschine und ihre Entwicklungsgeschichte The Typewriter and the history of it's developementpubl. Paul Roberts, Netherlands.

Current copy from the collection of Ryk van Dijk, scanned by Marlies Louwes. Birchmeier, Aug.The LC smith serial numbers are inconsistent.

L.C. Smith Typewriter Serial Numbers

The chart shows that number could be from, or Yes, definitely get it appraised. I bought an L. Keep in mind that many gun store clerks will give you a lowball estimate and then try to buy it for that amount, or give it as a trade-in. But at least they might give you enough identifying information that you can check comparable prices online, or in one of the many gun value books.

There probably is an LC Smith forum somewhere online, or just a forum for fine old shotguns. That's your best bet for an honest evaluation, but they will need a lot of identifying information and probably some good photos posted. Trending News. CDC: Young people are least likely to wear a mask. Trump support sinks in Wis. Carrie Underwood recalls sweet moment with husband. Lawrence should embrace challenge of lousy Jets. Ex-star: I'd average ' yards a game' in today's NFL.

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lc smith serial numbers

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lc smith serial numbers

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lc smith serial numbers

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