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The Mi Box is quite thin. This roughly 4 x 4-inch matte plastic device is only about a quarter-inch thick. Getting started with the Mi Box was not the most seamless experience, but, to be fair, set-up tends to be one of the more frustrating aspects to configuring any new device. An on-screen animation prompts you to press a button on the remote to get going, but some accompanying text would be helpful.

Is their finger over the circular home button or the volume up? You could enter the code, but not click through. Alternatively, you can sign in to your Google account directly on-screen. But the built-in volume controls are great to have. I tend to leave my Roku on all the time for the lovely background images, but you might like having the option to put your box to sleep when not in use.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Международный. ПОЛНЫЙ ОБЗОР И СРАВНЕНИЕ С Xiaomi Mi Box 3. Распаковка и тесты

That was fun. You can search for content beyond simply naming a title or actor you want to seek out. With voice commands, you can also launch apps, change channels, search the web, go to some TV shows and movies directly and more. Navigating using the remote, though, is snappy.

Xiaomi Mi Box S Review: Some Things Never Change

You can move quickly through selections and by holding down on the directional remote, you can fly across the on-screen items. This is unfortunately especially handy, since the rows of apps you install are laid out in long, horizontal rows across the home screen. Note that Mi Box supports external game controllers, but this was not included with the review unit.

Unfortunately, Android TV has its downsides.

Xiaomi Mi Box S: 5 Reasons to Not Buy It in 2018

Meanwhile, though Android TV supports most of the major streaming apps, to install them you have to visit the Google Play store from the device. Apple TV, by comparison, organizes apps into categories as part of its larger user interface design. The idea here is to give you an easy way to tune into live television programming served up via apps.

However, there are only a few apps that support this right now, like Pluto. The market for Mi Box comes down to wanting to cater to tech enthusiasts who are already looking for a 4K or HDR streamer and are intrigued by the lower price point. But on that latter front, you get what you pay for. On Mi Box, you can sideload apps, like Kodifor instance. But you can do this on Amazon Fire TV, as well, which supports 4K, has Alexa and is getting a refreshed user interface.

Set-up Getting started with the Mi Box was not the most seamless experience, but, to be fair, set-up tends to be one of the more frustrating aspects to configuring any new device. Thank goodness set-up is a one-time affair. Why Mi Box?Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

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Joined Sep 12, Messages 1, P00HB33R said:. Joined Oct 11, Messages Awesome thread. Thanks Sumen. Also available from Cellucity's Online Store. Deanoblado Senior Member. Joined Feb 14, Messages I have a weird issue with mine, I play a lot of movies of my HDD plugged in directly, whenever the movie reaches 1h, audio dropouts occur and the video "judders" badly, i have to stop the movie and continue again.

This happens every time at that exact moment. Curious to know if anyone else have this issue? The YouTube app on the Android TV OS got a redesign and added back the option to change video quality, which was removed for some reason in the previous version. Last edited: Aug 18, Joined Jan 28, Messages Does the Netflix app on the mi box support resolutions and up, as well as 5. RedhotNeo Expert Member. Joined Apr 18, Messages 1, AdamW New Member.The Mi Box S is better than the original, but too much of the same overall.

Arriving with a new version of Android and slight changes to the design, all while maintaining a similarly low price. In fact, counter to usual generation-over-generation devices, the Mi Box S was announced with a cheaper launch price than the original Mi Box. With this being a low-cost streaming set-top box solution buyers should not expect too much from the unboxing experience. This was quickly remedied by using a different HDMI cable leading to the assumption the included cable was defective on arrival.

The Mi Box S supports 4K x resolution content at 60fps. Video decoder support in general comprises of VP9, H. Connectivity support comes in the form of Wi-Fi 2. The Mi Box S measures 3. The Mi Box S comes running on Android 8. With the Mi Box S positioned as an entry-level product, its design is inevitably one of the areas that's most impacted on.

This is simply a very basic and nondescript looking device with very little that can be meaningful commented on. That is, unless you draw comparisons with the original Mi Box as this is when it becomes clear the additional cost-cutting measures that have been utilized as a means to keep the cost to the consumer as low as possible.

While the original Mi Box was not the most premium of devices to begin with, the build quality seems to have significantly declined generation-over generation. The new Mi Box S is far more budget in this respect and feels more like a cheaper product when compared. The actual feel is more plastic than the original Mi Box and the reduction in build quality penetrates almost every aspect of the design. For example, the original Mi Box not only came with a more premium coating which adds to the finish and feel, but it also was more of a rounded and sculptured device.

The edges, in addition to being rounded, all sloped inwards giving the unit a more curved and aerodynamic look. None of these design cues are in effect with the Mi Box S which instead is far more boxy in its appearance, sporting a squared off design which lacks in any discerning features. Resulting in more of a generic black box than ever before. In contrast, the rear of the device is pretty much the same as the original model, albeit in reverse order.

Overall, the Mi Box S is as limiting in physical connection options as the original was. The remote control is where the evolution can be best seen and therefore the the most notable area of improvement in terms of the design. Although it does need to be pointed out the same 'cheaper' design is in effect here as well.

Xiaomi Mi Box S review

In other words, the remote control also feels more plasticity than the previous model's remote. Feel aside and the new remote control is designed to be far more usable than ever before and the most obvious difference is the inclusion of dedicated " Netflix " and " Live " buttons which are fairly self explanatory as they simply allow for quick access to Netflix and live TV respectively.

The "Live" button proved to be a little less useful in this respect as it did not seem to work at all on the unit tested. This button is primarily linked to the " Live Channels " app that's available on Android TV and it seems the app is likely to be what's at fault here as the app also was not working on the Mi Box S tested. In fact, the app seemed to largely be a ghost app as while the system understood it to be installed, it did not appear as an app and therefore could not be launched.

It also could not be uninstalled so it could be reinstalled again and neither "uninstalling updates" or a factory reset solved the issue.Let's start first with a table in which we will look at which of the main video streaming services is compatible with each of the devices. Then we will do the same thing but with the music streaming services, to finally check which is the device with more compatible platforms. Of all the video streaming services, the only one that has an application compatible with all devices is Netflix.

The rest of the platforms always have one of these four devices with which it is not compatible, and a special mention must be made of the war that Amazon and Google seem to have, denying each other the compatibility of their devices with their respective online services.

We start with the Google dongle. At the beginning of the year Amazon launched an application for Android TV of its streaming service, but its compatibilities are minimal and cannot be used in most devices. This has direct repercussions on the Xiaomi Mi Box TV, which also has no official way of reproducing the contents of the online store service.

The other platforms are compatible, although in the case of Rakuten TV, HBO and Sky we find that there are no native applications, so you have to delegate the Chromecast mode of the device. At the moment, the applications it doesn't have are Sky and Filmin, or YouTube. However, there is always the possibility of using the web browser to see them, although the experience is far from the same as when there is a native app.

In short, what we can see in this comparison is that the device that is compatible with most major video services on the market is the Xiaomi Mi Box TV. Above all thanks to a key, and is that in addition to using the Android TV operating system, is also compatible with the technology of Chromecast.

This allows you to replace the absences of the operating system with the option to send content from the mobile. No, only with Chromecast function. As far as music streaming services are concerned, we have compared the main alternatives in the market, and we have also added iVoox to the list in order to cover the field of podcasts with one of its main references. Unlike video platforms, Amazon Music Unlimited does support Google's device, but only its Android applications.

Apple Music has an official application for Android, but it does not allow content to be sent to Chromecast. Exactly in the same situation is the Xiaomi device. YouTube Music doesn't have a dedicated app, although you can listen to the songs on YouTube, and although iVoox and Amazon Music Unlimited don't have an app either, it can be used with the Chromecast feature.

The services that cannot be used in this case are Apple Music again. Apple does not want to give Apple Music competition a chance, so Spotify is not compatible with your TV device, just as there are no applications for Amazon Music Unlimited, iVoox or Deezer.

In the case of the Google service, just as it doesn't have a YouTube app, we are all left without being able to listen to its music. There is no dedicated app. But of the two, and taking into account the services we have compared, the Xiaomi device is the one that has the most compatibilities, thanks mainly to the fact that it combines Android TV applications with the possibility of sending Chromecast content. Apple's device is more solid and with more compatibilities in the video services section, although it loses whole with absences as resounding as that of Spotify in terms of music services.

About the Amazon TV Stick we also draw a very clear conclusion, and is that it would gain quite a few whole if it reached some kind of agreement with Google to be able to use YouTube applications, which along with HBO and Apple Music are their most resounding absentees. There is no dedicated app, but you can go to YouTube.There's no compelling reason to get a Xiaomi Mi Box S, due to troublesome issues with its picture quality, sound levels and interface.

I remember the Google Nexus Player. Google's intriguing little disc was the world's introduction to Android TV, and while it wasn't perfect, it held a lot of promise and a few pitfalls. To be fair, there's nothing hellaciously wrong with the Mi Box S.

But everything the system does right comes with a sizable caveat. The Mi Box S isn't any better than comparably priced gadgets; the picture quality and sound aren't as good as you might expect, and the storage space isn't sufficient to take full advantage of Android TV's best features.

The Mi Box S has already dropped in price considerably since it first came out. If it continues to do so, it may be worth picking up to use as a secondary TV or just to see what Android TV is all about without dishing out the big bucks for a Shield TV.

The Mi Box S earns some points right off the bat for actually coming in box form. Other companies seem to be terrified of producing a box, unless it's for a large, premium product. Not so with the Mi Box S, which measures a sleek 4. Being able to provide your own content on a thumb drive is always a huge plus for a streaming video system, and not enough modern players offer this option.

The Xiaomi runs Android TV, and unlike the Android mobile OS, this particular platform doesn't have a thousand different micro-variations depending on manufacturer. For those who have never used it, Android TV is a clean, navigable OS with a few helpful customization options — and a handful of very tedious menus to click through if you want to enable all customizations. When you start up the system, you'll see a row of your most frequently used apps on top.

As you scroll down, you'll get personalized recommendations from each app, as well as options to find more apps and games. The Settings menu, which you can use to adjust the apps that appear on your home screen, is in the upper right. Acquiring new apps can be a bit of a pain, because it takes a few clicks to get to any kind of store and the store isn't that well-organized.

But once you have the programs you need, you'll never be more than a few taps away from them. Overall, the Android TV interface isn't as clean as Roku's, but it's not as distracting as Amazon's, either.

Of all the Android TV systems I've set up, only the Mi Box S randomly restarted halfway through the process and then refused to pair with the remote control. Since the device hadn't yet been paired with my phone, I had no option but to give it the cold boot and hope for the best. Even then, it claimed that it was done updating its software, then immediately launched another unskippable update while I was reading through the Setup menu.

At least you have to do this only once. What's much more problematic, however, is that the Mi Box S has no idea how to handle video resolutions. One of its big selling points is that it supports 4K HDR content at an enviable price. I was able to set things right in the menu, but then I had to choose from among about six different types of poorly explained 4K settings, including some that wrecked the frame rate and others that threw the color spectrum completely out of whack.

To be fair, the Mi Box S looked like it displayed content at the correct-ish resolutions once I got into the apps themselves.

mi box vs mi box s

But they were always "close enough" approximations, never optimized experiences. Short of manually setting the resolution before every new piece of content I watched and you can do this only from the main menu, not within appsI had to either settle for lower resolutions or try to force lower-res content into strange frame rates.

Most streaming devices have no trouble automatically adjusting these settings. The remote control for the Mi Box S is also one of the weaker attempts I've seen lately.Mi Box S is powered by Android 8.

Compatible with thousands of apps, giving you access to tons of premium video services and a constant stream of fresh new content. With the Google Assistant, you can quickly access entertainment, get answers and control devices around your home. Just press the mic button on your remote to get started.

Enjoy an ultra high-definition, lifelike viewing experience. Install tons of awesome apps, watch extended cuts, and play more games while enjoying faster performance and stability. Due to COVID, the ongoing health and containment emergency measures may cause service delays at logistic couriers and Xiaomi authorized service centers until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Mi account Sign Out. My Orders. Mi Phones Mi 10 Pro. Mi Mi 9 Lite. Mi MIX Alpha. Mi Note Redmi Note 9S. Redmi Note 8T. Redmi Note 8 Pro.

mi box vs mi box s

Redmi Note 8. Redmi 8. Mi Laser Projector ''. Mi Air Purifier 3H. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2. Mi Smart Band 4. Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Luggage Quick Links. Mi Box S Overview Specs. Mi Box. Powered by Android 8. Access Tons of Content Compatible with thousands of apps, giving you access to tons of premium video services and a constant stream of fresh new content.

SmartCast Dive into a bigger, better viewing experience. Wireless screen mirroring at the tap of a button Mirror almost any device, including phone, tablet, or laptop Call and text without interrupting what's playing on your TV High-speed streaming and HD video playback.

Premium Audio puts you in the action Dolby and DTS deliver crisper, three-dimensional surround sound.Ben Schoon. Android TV is a fantastic platform that is growing quite well, but consumer hardware is surprisingly tough to find.

Like the model that came before it, the Xiaomi Mi Box S delivers a pretty basic overall package which is capable, but not much more. The entire device is made from plastic with an understated, matte black design. It has a single LED on the front to indicate if the device is on and it fits somewhere in basically any entertainment system. Inside of the Xiaomi Mi Box S, specifications are basically identical to the model that arrived before it. That works fine for most users, although the storage will be limiting for some.

Sadly, the Xiaomi Mi Box S still lacks an ethernet port. The built-in WiFi is generally enough, but there are obvious benefits to remaining wired.

Compared to my Nvidia Shield TV which is connected over ethernet, the Mi Box S which is barely 2 feet from my router still buffers a bit more. Of course, you can use the USB port with an adapter to get wired internet. This new interface reduces the clutter of pre-installed apps on this device, and it also performs a bit more reliably as well. As for overall performance of the box, it varies depending on what you require from it. This feature is fairly unreliable for me.

The remote can make or break a set-top box. With the Nvidia Shield TV, the tiny and unreliable remote nearly breaks the experience for me. It runs on two AAA batteries which are included and has a comfortable design. The build quality feels very cheap and somewhat hollow, but the buttons are tactile and the connection is reliable for the most part.

mi box vs mi box s

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:. Android TV is a version of the Android platform which has been modified by Google to run on televisions with over 5, native applications.

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