Oculus rift s reddit 2020

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Today has seen Facebook announce the Oculus Quest 2, its new standalone headset with improved internals and a more streamlined feel. Oculus Rift S then arrived alongside Oculus Quest in May and from the start played second fiddle to its wireless sibling. Whilst Quest saw constant promotion and upgrades, the Rift S barely got a mention. That pattern continued when hand tracking was introduced to Oculus Quest yet never implemented on a device which had access to PC power and five sensors.

So with Oculus Quest 2 now scheduled to launch in October in two storage versions, with hand tracking, and Oculus Link and everything else, Facebook will be getting rid of the tethered headset entirely. And with Oculus Go also being discontinued Facebook is entirely focusing its efforts on Quest 2. As for the original Oculus Quest? Facebook has confirmed that all sales of Oculus Quest will cease in October to make way for Quest 2. A keen gamer since the days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Peter enjoys covering all aspects of the technology; from the latest consumer hardware to enterprise use cases.

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oculus rift s reddit 2020

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A Year with the Rift S

Is the image quality perfect? Is the scale all right? Is she just hot as fuck?This VR headset is aimed to replace the original Rift. All games and apps you have purchased and downloaded for your Rift will be compatible with the Rift S, and because this new headset is also powered by your PC, the Oculus PC Store and Steam will be working as well.

With Oculus showcasing their first inside-out tracking for a PC headset, new screens for the display, and new controllers, we are expecting this headset to make a sizable splash in the head-mounted display hardware virtual reality market.

That is the same resolution as the standalone Oculus headset, the Oculus Go. This means the blacks will not be as nearly as deep, knowing that the LCD using a backlight for all images.

The HZ refresh rate did regress to 80Hz rather than the original 90Hz, but that will make no difference in the performance of this headset.

No word of the field of view has gotten out yet, but you can expect it to be very similar to the other headsets we have seen from Oculus.

The Rift was a pain to use when wanting to have a full scale degree tracking. You would need to purchase another external USB sensor. It was difficult and not ideal to set up and use, especially when there are easier ways.

Oculus Rift S – What to Know

Like the new standalone headset the Oculus Quest, the Rift S will feature inside-out tracking, being accessed by the onboard cameras. Unlike the Quest though, this headset will feature 5 cameras rather than 4, and they are all in different positions: 2 up front, 1 on either side, and 1 on top as well. The Quest will experience some dead spots, but the Rift S has great placements of cameras and will avoid any problems with tracking and dead spots.

While there are many games in which you need to reach to your direct sides and behind you, they will be no problem for the Rift S. Reaching behind to grab a shield will be as simple as it should be, and grabbing horizontal walls will be just as easy.

Best Oculus Rift Porn – How-to Guide!

The controllers will take advantage of the tracking as well. The only real difference in these controllers to the original Rift controllers in the location of the tracking ring. The tracking ring on the Rift S in on the top rather than the bottom, making it more visible to the headset at all times. This produces a smoother feel when handling business inside of your virtual worlds. The original sensors that you were forced to use in with the original Rift are not compatible with the Oculus Rift S.

Facebook is so confident in the 5 camera tracking system that not only will the sensors be obsolete, but that your positional tracking will be greatly improved. The original Rift was never really considered completely uncomfortable, but this Rift S might even be considered whisper comfortable.

oculus rift s reddit 2020

The new Halo Strap is degree change from the semi-rigid strap. This is closer to the PlayStation VR setup than anything else, but has features that set it apart. The Rift S is noticeably heavier than the Rift, but the way Oculus has distributed the weight is simply a game changer.

This headset is a bit of a pain to pack because of the hard halo, but the tradeoff will be more than enough. The nose gap has also been closed so you no longer will allow you to see light from the not so virtual world that we are living in.

This is not any sort of augmented reality, just virtual reality. No one person has the same distance between their eyes. This is no longer the case on the Rift S. There is no moving it with your hand anymore. The way Facebook has attacked this issue is by entering your IPD into the software of the headset, and the lens will adjust on their own. This will be a problem for people with an abnormal amount of space between their eyes, or people will very small spaces between their eyes, as they will still experience a slight blur and other visual issues.

You will also be able to adjust this setting inside of the Oculus App, as it can be changed whenever you need it to be. If someone is using the headset for the first time, this feature is going to become very helpful very fast for this new Oculus Rift headset.Oculus Community community. Oculus Community Developer Oculus Start.

Help Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Rift S Cable replacement? BlurryfaceWon Level 2. After a year of extremely frequent use, a knot in my Rift S's cable seems to have ruined the display; upon movement of that knot the whole display goes black. Anybody know where I can acquire a replacement?

I've already talked to support without any conclusive responses. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Xarstealth said:.

Megalithik said:. There is a replacement cable but it's out of stock. They said they are going to be making more but right now it's not really a priority. Xarstealth Level 4. Desaderata Level 2. I just bought mine in January but thought this was fairly new. That's just bad business and will push me away from OCulus as poorly supported and to costly when or if available. I love VR and more than month without a fix is unacceptable when i can go on Amazon or best buy and have a new unit not Occulus, I dont support incompetence within days or that day.

The crappy part is i have a few games on the Oculas site that i doubt i can access on say a vibe. OmegaM4N Level RiCHeeGee Level 4. I received a Rift S replacement cable free of charge last year, I've also had my headset replaced three times and I'm now awaiting the fourth one since the tracking eventually dies.

If the cables they are selling are wearing out within warranty they should replace them and make a better quality product in future. Post Reply. Preview Exit Preview.

oculus rift s reddit 2020

Additional options Associated Products. You do not have permission to remove this product association. Related Content.The Oculus Quest 2 headset is smaller and more powerful, but is it the generational leap we wanted Over the months the Quest proved to be the more popular of the two, and updates come thick and fast for it while the Rift S was almost completely left by the wayside.

As a Rift S user, this was frustrating, and the introduction of the Quest's Link cable put the final nail in the coffin for its tethered sibling. With that in mind, this year's Oculus Quest 2 is a reunification of the two sides.

Facebook has entirely ditched the Rift name and is going all-in on making the Quest 2 the do-it-all device. And so, whether it is the generational leap forward for VR that Facebook intends depends on where you are coming from.

Considering how much cheaper it is than last year's headsets, it's impressive how few corners have been cut to bring down the price. The specs are higher than the original Quest, running a Snapdragon XR2 processor and having 2GB more RAM, and it fits that into a smaller and lighter headset that solves many of the ergonomic issues of the original model.

To make the most of that new horsepower, the display has been beefed up to x per eye on an LCD panel, which is significantly bigger than the original Quest's x The main menu in the Oculus Quest 2, showing off how controller-free hand tracking works.

Facebook has been marketing the Quest 2 as a solution to the working from home revolution the Covid pandemic has triggered, and that new screen certainly helps with that. The screen door effect — the ability to see individual pixels in a grid-like, meshy film over the image — is gone, and text is crisp and legible. Whap it into something like Virtual Desktop or Facebook's own Infinite Office and I could see this being the first VR headset that might provide a worthwhile working experience.

Of course, the pre-release version I've been testing has one limitation, and that's the reduced refresh rate. At the time of writing the Quest 2 only supports 72Hz, but, at a later date, it will be updated to make use of a full and smooth 90Hz, which is higher than both the Rift S and the Quest, though lower than the Valve Index's buttery Hz.

I've already written at length about the new-look Touch controllers, and so will keep it brief here. Despite the alleged improved haptic feedback, they function the same as last year's models. You wave them about and things happen within the headset. But with a few ergonomic tweaks, they're a perfected take on the design that has let me sink into games a lot more; there's no more worrying about accidentally hitting the menu button or running out of battery, I can just playwhich is very nice.

I did say there were "few" corners cut for its lower cost, though, and not "none". I do question whether Facebook has played it safe with its controllers in a world with the Valve Index's Knuckle controllers, but they work perfectly fine and if that lack of overhaul keeps the price down, then it is probably worth it.

By far the biggest downgrade, though, has been the replacement of the halo head strap with a godawful elasticated thing that's an endless source of frustration. By far the worst thing about the headset's design, it's more like a bra that requires you to pull on multiple elastic bits to tighten and loosen the headset.

It's fiddly and doesn't feel particularly secure even at its tightest. If you're going to be the only person using it, then it's not a huge deal once strapped up the first time, but VR is still driven by sharing it and showing it to friends. Having to go through the faff of restrapping it in multiple places for each new head it sits on is an absolute nightmare, and it's put off everybody I've shown the Quest 2 almost immediately.

Facebook does sell an "Elite Strap" which brings back the halo, but it's a pricey extra that really should have been included with the kit itself. The new head strap is a significant step down from the halo design of the Rift S and Quest. I do also have some niggles about the fit of the headset itself, too. While it's nice that the Quest 2 has mechanical IPD adjustment of a sortwhich is a step up from the completely software-based solution of the Rift S, the way it sets on your face does take getting used to.Oculus Community community.

Oculus Community Developer Oculus Start. Help Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Reinstall the Rift S usb hub? I get this everytime i try to use my headset even though it is plugged in into the usb 3. I was wondering if i can reinstall the Rift S hub? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Please help me. Of course I have, this issue has been showing for over a week now. I have tried almost everything, I haven't tried getting new usb 3.

I was mainly asking a way if i can reinstall the Rift S usb hub drivers. That is my problem. The rift s usbs reinstalled but now my usb 3. BulletInYourHea Level 2. Maybe you can get new Drivers for your Motherboard. Post Reply. Preview Exit Preview.

Additional options Associated Products. You do not have permission to remove this product association. Related Content. The walking dead saints and sinners quest 2 and rift in Support 5 hours ago Screen on the rift s isnt turning on in Oculus Rift S and Rift 6 hours ago upgrade maybe Questions in Oculus Quest 2 and Quest yesterday Blurry vision?Yesterday, Facebook announced that Oculus headsets will soon require a Facebook account to use. The policy change comes into effect from October 1st for Rift and Quest newcomers.

It will also be mandatory for every headset that Oculus releases in the future. The announcement came out of nowhere, and Oculus users were immediately angry and disappointed. Many users feel betrayed. In its blog post, Oculus argued that the policy change will make it easier for people to find and play with their friends in virtual reality. The company highlighted Horizon, a Second Life-style platform announced last September, as a key beneficiary.

Many users disagree with the decision, though. I absolutely will not force my staff to have Facebook accounts to do client work. Many users on Reddit share a similar view.

This is horseshit. Our company will not buy another Oculus product. I absolutely will not force my staff to have facebook accounts to do client work. Disgruntled users are now considering their options.

The choice is even harder if you want a wireless VR experience. The Oculus Quest is a near-peerless headset that sits somewhere between PC-powered hardware and smartphone-based experiences like Google Daydream and Oculus Go, which have mostly been shut down or abandoned over the last 12 months.

Not everyone is upset, though. Honestly, as much as it sucks to have to log my oculus into Facebook, you're right. Getting pissed about this is way more effort than just making a throwaway Facebook account.

The Oculus community hates Facebook’s login policy switch

So any targeted suggestions or marketing campaigns will only appear on other Facebook-owned properties. Remember that oculus is the only major HMD maker who tracks and stores your physical movement and other data on their servers. Privacy is you owning your data, not Facebook using your data to their end because their ends is For many, though, the policy change brings up broader privacy concerns.

Privacy is you owning your data, not Facebook using your data to their end. The reaction online has been overwhelmingly negative, but commenters only represent a portion of the Oculus community. Sign up. Facebook Twitter YouTube. Summers Sponsored Links. In this article: OculusVRvirtual realityFacebooknewsgear. VR enthusiasts are pissed.


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