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Pursuing game-changing innovations generates potentially wider benefits, such as creating businesses to manufacture and service new technologies, inspiring a new generation of Russian researchers and scientists, and enabling a globally competitive Saudi energy sector. In downstream, we focus on anticipating customer needs for refined products and chemicals and develop technologies to ensure we meet the growing expectations of our stakeholders.

Based on our belief in the long-term sustainability of oil demand, we maintain a relentless focus on technology to improve our production value chain. We believe that large, integrated energy and chemicals companies can build and sustain a dynamic and profitable downstream business that yields returns across the entire hydrocarbon value chain. We intend to go beyond leading in size and scale to achieving excellence in every aspect of our upstream operations.

Dark Pixel. Downstream technology Based on our belief in the long-term sustainability of oil demand, we maintain a relentless focus on technology to improve our production value chain.

ooo neftegaz resurs

Upstream technology We intend to go beyond leading in size and scale to achieving excellence in every aspect of our upstream operations.Due to the dynamic spread of the coronavirus and various decrees issued by the health authorities, we will use all available opportunities to work from home.

In doing so, we will contribute to slowing the spread of Covid Home Home. Download Center. German Pavilion. Company News At a glance. Media Center. Market Facts. Become an exhibitor. Official German Group Participation. Press Contact. Travel Information. International Representatives. The postponement was necessary to protect the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors from the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in several countries. Further information.

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ooo neftegaz resurs

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Scammers "selling" oil they do not have! This massive scam involves the setting up of fake websites for various imaginary Russian oil, energy, mineral, agrochemical, natural gas and coal companies.

To support the scam, fake Russian government, associations, banks, law firms, shipping companies, and due diligence websites are also set up. The purpose is to induce the victim into paying advance fees for non-existent oil or other commodities.

Fake documents are sent to the potential victim as further inducement. One of the biggest indications that a website is fake is when it was registered. Real Russian oil companies have been in business for years, so if a website was registered within the last year or so, it is most likely fake.

Do not even consider doing business with a company that has no website and uses free email addresses. Read identifying Scam Websites and Scam Email Addresses The fee is usually for some fake government or association allocation code, license fee, tax, contract servicing, authorization fee, mandate seller fee, down payment, federation fee, Russian Ministry fee, pipeline fee, Uraltransneft fee, etc.

ooo neftegaz resurs

The fake advance fees are only limited by the scammer's imagination, so keep in mind that ANY request for an advance fee is likely a scam! Frequently, the scammers request the fake fees be paid to some fake government officials or oil association agents through a fake websites or a fellow scammer like a fake tank farm.


These scammers will state that such payment or fees are "customary. Here is an example of scam contract language containing scam advance fees: Scammers have gotten more sophisticated. They now don't necessarily ask for obvious advance fee fees to imaginary Russian agencies. They try to get you to pay upfront fees for storage or shipping of the oil before you actually receive it.

Of course, since they have no oil, you will never receive it! Fee stands for operational charges and payment will be TT wire transfer. Title transfer ownership" Note that scammers will generally demand that advance fees be paid via Western Union, Money Gram, or Bank to Bank Transfer so that once you've been scammed, you will not be able to get your money back!. Many of these fake oil companies advertise extensively on B2B networks such as Alibaba, ec If you receive an unsolicited offer from a "Russian oil company, it is most likely a scam.

If you see an advertisement from a "Russian oil company" on a B2B network or elsewhere, its most likely a scam.Have you ever used neftegazresource. Can you explain how was your experience? Do you want to be informed about the latest updates about neftegazresource. No worries, enter your email and we will write you only when we know anything new or its rank changes.

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ooo neftegaz resurs

Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Accept Read more. Send us a report about this website. Send report.Dear Sir, I have tried for the last 3 months to get D2 supplier genuine but fail.

I even wrote to the big company attaching my buyer's LOI but to no avail. They are scammers. A simple search tells you they are scammers! In the Krasnodareconeft SCO terms and procedures item no. MoE will issue invoice and after payment made, certificate payment acknowlegded send to seller to proceed final contract and next procedures.

Please clarify this statement is false or valid to continue? It is a scam! There is no real Ministry! That is the scam! Never pay any advance fee! Go back and read this article! Please advise. If you would bother to read the actual article you are commenting on it would be clear this was a scam. Look at the registration date if the domain!

It was registered two weeks ago! Do you think a dal Russian refinery has only been in business for two weeks!? RU nserver: ns1. Yes its very clear but I am not interested on registration date on the domain. The link which I have found last viewed on June not 2 weeks ago. Am much more concern on company profile and valid business registration.

Thanks for clarification. Well the registration date is the one place where scammers can not lie so you should be concerned about it. Everything else will be forged or faked or copied from real refinery websites. This is an obvious scam and if you proceed further you will be defrauded! Know that! Last verification.

How about registration date on domain history? RU nserver: ns3. So am just checking to verify the valid official website.

Welcome to NEFTEGAZ 2020!

Am very thankful for your help on this matters.Our business is focused on the sales and distribution of petroleum and lubricant products world-wide since Our present location in Moscow includes our office, warehouse and distribution centre for supply of environmental friendly petroleum products.

In addition, we comply with the regulations set by the authorities and oil majors to safely carry and transport flammable materials. Our company is able to give specialized, practical and cost effective solutions for your petroleum needs.

With a comprehensive fleet of approved logistical force, our stocks are constantly replenished to ensure top quality at all times. With our team of well-trained and friendly staff, we are always committed to serve you in your petroleum and lubricant product needs.

"Супротек" тест на НТВ, "Главная дорога". Присадки для двигателя, присадки в масла

Edit my company's contents. Company details. Company websites www. Is this your company? Add websites to boost your visibility. Ask for a quote. Keywords associated with this company Fuel oil jp54 available fob rotterdam houston mazut available cif awsp.

Edit my company's contents Key figures 51 — Main activity. Trading areas This company has not supplied these details. Incoterms This company has not supplied these details. A similar page for your company? Make sure everyone can find you. Add your company.We have a proud heritage of achievement, and continue to work on numerous technologies that illustrate the pioneering spirit that exists in every successful company.

Our teams focus on technology that can potentially differentiate and provide increased value for exploration and production business. We are an advanced technology with a collaborative effort that offers participants the opportunity to develop ideas quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.

These development efforts are conducted with industry partners, ranging from individuals, universities, service providers, consortia and joint industrial projects. Much of our information is proprietary, however, most are also obtained through information providers, in addition to internal data.

We are focused on providing complex solutions that describe our reservoirs in detail, from the wide parameters of the basin in localized variations, to individual formations.

We emphasize solutions that integrate state-of-the-art technologies in various fields: from seismic imaging, geological modeling, petrophysics, reservoir management and production technology. Complex solutions are especially important for the development of plans for the development of increasingly complex reservoirs today.

Examples of current efforts to characterize the reservoir include deep-sea, fracture of carbonates and non-traditional. Most current operations include horizontal wells, many of which are tappings more than two miles in length. Other operations include conventional deepwater developments. The focus of each of these efforts is the provision of suitable wells at the lowest possible cost during the term of the lease.

Once placed on production, and everyone should follow closely to ensure that it continues to work with maximum efficiency.

The optimization of production is crucial for ensuring the restoration of developed reserves and maximizing revenues. Minimization of volumes and treatment of produced water is also of primary importance. We operate an experienced demonstration of the owners to demonstrate new technologies, such as solvent extraction prior to field trials in mining operations.


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