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Well done says that old is gold same thing about the software to if you have used any software and you really feel that it was awesome to use that one and still you are in for the same software then it may be possible that software are not available or maybe you get a premium version of that software. Users who are you for old version have good news that we are providing all the old version of vidmate with the help of this section.

Vidmate old version 2.5, 3.03, 3.28, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

In this page you will get the list of old version which include Windows operating system, android operating system to download vidmate APK. If you are using Windows operating system then you need to download vidmate for Windows and if you are using Android operating system then you need to download vidmate for Android.

Most of the time we started old version but we cannot find the exact file as it may be due to change in features and version, so keeping in mind we have provided a platform where you can download the exact old version according to the version as well as operating system. You will get the exact look and features by using this application when you are performing any download from internet.

What is the benefit of old version? They get hanged while doing work on Windows latest version because they get an familiar and all the things are unexpectedly present in desktop which make them hassle while finding the things for them.

SBI body camera with Windows old version Windows what type of things are available at workplace the same case with other operating system to if we have used old version and somehow we install new version we get confused that what and how the tools we work.

After searching this Google will show you the result you have to open vidmate website and then you will get two panel one is for Windows and other is for Android choose the operating system as according to your device now process for downloading.

vidmate old version download apkpure

It will take few second to download in your system after that you have to install the application and you are ready to enjoy vidmate old version. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Get video download in your pc from online media by searching latest moviesupcoming movies and so on. Vidmate for PC Many of you wishes to watch movies, videos and listen to the latest songs. At present, the best app for all such feature is Vidmate app. Vidmate is the best app to get entertainment without any limit.

The vidmate app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Vidmate is unique because it has been aiding in downloading music and TV show episodes.

TubeMate Old Version Free Download

Vidmate is the best video downloader app for PC, Android devices. It has a large collection of websites related to entertainment stuff. You can also watch you favorite serial, live TV shows by using this Vidmate app.

It provides almost plus live TV channels.

vidmate old version download apkpure

All these can be done with free of cost. Vidmate app is available for Windows 8, 7, 10, 8.

How to download vidmate app, latest version on android phone 2020

The only thing you need to have for installing Vidmate into your system is an emulator. Bluestacks is said to be the best emulator, and that is best suggested.

Follow the steps given below to know how to download Vidmate app for Windows. You have two methods of downloading the Vidmate app.

As per present latest technology, they are no proper apps available for downloading videos. This is one of the main advantages for making Vidmate among to be more and more popular among the apps in Windows store.

And it also consumes less memory space in your device with fast accessing features in it. The app is very efficient and useful. It also downloads apps, music and a host of other content for you. Unfortunately for Windows Phone owners, the app is not available on their devices. Windows phone users, therefore, need to make do with other apps that are available in the Store.

There is no need to find an alternative for the Vidmate app. Since the app is very fast and advanced but, in case there is a need for an alternative. So we have provided an alternative for Vidmate apps like Netflix and Hulu.

These also allow you to watch movies and videos. But the main disadvantage is that they cost lots of money for installing the app.

They even not allow you to operate it in offline mode. Netflix and Hulu are exclusive to your device only, no other device can stream that media and consider the amount they charge, in my opinion, a bad deal and you deserve better. These are the main drawbacks of these apps, so it is suggested to use the Vidmate app. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email.Android provides a rich android application framework that allows you to build innovative android apps and games for mobile devices in a Java language environment. The documents listed in our website provide details about how to download apk. You may download HD videos from a lot of sources with Vidmate.

You can also download apps and games through this app. This is the official un-mod version of Vidmate, you can safely download. You can easy to use the Vidmate app on your devices and watch the tons of entertainment stuff. As per actual fact, the Vidmate application is a collection of different popular sites like Dailymotion, FunnyorDie, Metacafe and other popular sites, from these websites you can find tons of entertainment things and more over other things.

vidmate old version download apkpure

You can also download Vidmate for PC. Then, there is an option to select and continue, if you want to watch on low quality? Then, select and continue to watch. Vidmate APK app does not make any disturbance like video buffering, in quality.

vidmate old version download apkpure

It makes you a marvelous experience. VidMate Apk file information Package name: com. Easy to navigate and select the category you own. Also, watch tons of funny videos and more. The file size of the Vidmate application is smaller in size.

Download Vidmate For PC , Windows 10 | 8 |7 | XP

VidMate Apk Category: Tools. Free Facebook Lite Apk Download. Free Youtube Apk Download February 23, December 6, This HD video downloader is today a choice of millions of android device uses as it allows them to get all their favourite multimedia content directly in there device so they can play and watch the same anytime and anywhere on the move and also, in online as well as offline mode.

Through this amazing and stupendous video downloader, the users can not only watch their favourite or desired videos but also performed several other functions as well because it supports almost all the major operating systems and is compatible with different formats like MP3, MP4 and many others.

Features- Here is the list which describe the key features or highlights of vidmate APK appjust put a glance. Vidmate APK old ersion is the direct link from where you can download this amazing app in your android mobile phone directly apps to install this amazing and fastest HD video downloader now, you are only required to click on the header or footer options and it will be installed in your concerned device from download 9apps through APK.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Features- Here is the list which describe the key features or highlights of vidmate APK appjust put a glance- 1- In order to start browsing your favourite videos or movies, all you have to do is just search or enter the URL in the address bar. Vidmate APK download old version — Vidmate APK old ersion is the direct link from where you can download this amazing app in your android mobile phone directly apps to install this amazing and fastest HD video downloader now, you are only required to click on the header or footer options and it will be installed in your concerned device from download 9apps through APK.

Related Posts. Add Comment Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Currently, the following old versions are available for your favourite video downloading mobile app: 2. Although people prefer to use the latest version of the mobile app they are using, there are many reasons you may want to look for an older version.

Maybe your Android does not support the current version of Vidmate. Maybe you have found an old phone that does not have the latest features, but you would like to download movies and music videos on that mobile phone. As mentioned above, may be the mobile phone that you have does not support the latest Vidmate features. Many people in this world are using Android mobile phones that are years old, and even older.

No problem with that. There is another interesting reason why some people are looking for the older versions of Vidmate: they want to watch their movies and music videos on an Apple computer or an iPhone or an iPad. Since Vidmate for iOS is not yet available, the only option they have got is installing the video downloading mobile app on another device and after downloading the videos, transferring the video files to the Apple Computer or the iOS device.

This is a good way around. If you need an Android mobile phone just for this purpose, there is no need to purchase the latest version. Older mobile phones come very cheap. You can either borrow it from your friend or simply purchase it on eBay or Amazon at a very low price. Then, you can install an older version of Vidmate on this mobile phone and once you have downloaded the videos you can transfer the video files on your Apple Computer or your iOS device.

When you download the videos and save them locally on your device for your computer, you no longer depend on the website that hosts these videos. On most of the video hosting websites these days you can find HD videos.

But when you stream these videos, it is not necessary that the servers will stream the actual quality of the video. They will randomly give the quality of the video based on some algorithm. Hence, you never see the true quality of the video even when watching HD video. But when you download and save the videos locally and play them from your device, you enjoy their true quality.Vidmate is considered to be the best app that you can get for your purpose of downloading and streaming videos online.

There is no such app available on the internet for free and such benefits that you can get from Vidmate are awesome. If you are looking for an app that can help you with your video downloading from any website then Vidmate is what you need. There have been so many versions out there from the developers and you can still find them all on 9apps. Here are all of these popular versions that you can still find on the internet.

Many things are there that you can find on 2. However, this version is still in the market and you can use it as per your needs with all the different features that you can get from the app.

All you need to be doing is to download the app from 9apps as per your requirements. Here are some features from the Vidmate 2. With all the other versions of vidmate, this one is also the best of all which stands as the oldest versions in the market.

There are many things that you can get from this version of vidmate and it can help you out in some of the best ways. Here are the features of Vidmate 2. All that simplicity comes from the User Interface of the app and you need it to be as simple as possible. The Vidmate 2. If you are looking for an app for downloading videos from YouTube then Vidmate 2. The videos that you get in the daily recommendations or any of the website that you see in the bookmarks are all trusted with the Vidmate 2.

You should not think anymore about the apps and the videos websites when you are using Vidmate as they can take care of all that and your information will never be leaked. Are you looking for an app that can help you with the videos from YouTube and many other websites at high speed and much more reliability?

Well, you need to look out for the Vidmate as this is the only app that allows you to download the videos from any of the website no matter what.

You can use the browser on the app as to get so many things done with it.No matter whatever the contents you are searching for, but you will grasp the one without any restrictions once you have the right standard on your device.

In order to avail the online content, you no need to go with any other social media sites since there is a specific platform is accessible here to meet your needs to the core. YouTube is the one which holds tons of online videos so the user can benefit from the source. But, now, there is possibility for the people to grasp the contents from several social media sites by means of Vidmate app. When compared to other submissions, the vidmate app takes at the top position because of its simple user interface.

Simply type the needed one at the hunt bar and enjoy the contents in a few minutes. On the other hand, the formats and resolutions are accessible in your own choice and so you could save more space on your operating system. This shows, the vidmate application is available at very small in size and so you can avail at anytime and anywhere.

The Vidmate app is professional and so users avail great features in a unique way. While watching at our favorite videos and serials, there are so many interruptions we will discover right from power failure to maddening ads, right?

Hereafter, you no need to worry about the issues since the vidmate offers unlimited content with any advertisements. All the content on the platform will help you to enjoy your screen in just a matter of seconds. And also, you no need to concern about your missing programs since vidmate is here to offer endless collections on your device. In order to understand the functions and features of the app, you have to pay more attention to using it.

First and foremost, you need to open the vidmate app. Then, you will be provided with huge factors such as popular categories, trending one, updated contents and much more. If you wish to avail of any particular contents, then you need to type the name of the videos or film names at the top of the search bar. Then, the submission will offer some relevant links and so choose the one which you are looking for.

Once you have found the one, then just make a snap at the top and the file opens its screen. After that, go with the download option. Snap-on the button and surely it will run smoothly on your device.

Finally, you are free to open the folder and enjoy the contents!! If you are looking for a perfect solution to get online videos then vidmate is right choice. At present there are numerous video downloading tools accessible but when comes to getting online files vidmate is best solution. By downloading and installing vidmate app you can save your desired content from any platform in the most efficient manner.

One of the best parts of vidmate app is that it enables you to pick format and resolution based on your choice. This app has numerous movies and music to download. Even users can watch live TV shows without any interruption. This tool comes with lots of incredible features for android users to provide unique experience. Vidmate app enables you to grab online videos at high speed. Some of the incredible features of vidmate are mentioned below:.

Vidmate provides percent faster download speed when compared to other apps. Therefore you can download your favorite content within a fraction of seconds. It definitely helps you save time and space on your device. It aids you save multiple files at the same time.


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